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Warranty Information

Dragonwood’s goal is to provide customers with top quality, traditionally constructed, handcrafted wood products.

Should you have concerns upon delivery, please contact us immediately. We are deeply committed to customer satisfaction.


Always keep in mind solid wood naturally varies in colour and texture, these variations are not a defect in the product. They are part of the beauty of any real wood product.

Dragonwood’s doors are warrantied to be free of defects in material and labour that cause the door to be unfit for normal recommended use for a period of 24 months from the date you receive it.

Caring for your investment ensures its enduring value. Be aware of the effects of direct sunlight, humidity, dogs, and children let loose with crayons or sharp objects. Make sure any unfinished wood you request is properly stained, painted or sealed within 48 hours of arrival.

Should a defect occur within the warranty period, written notice must be submitted to and received by Dragonwood. No goods shall be returned to Dragonwood until Dragonwood has had an opportunity to inspect the goods on the premise to determine whether a defect exists. Dragonwood will not be held responsible for any doors repaired, returned or replaced without prior written consent. If warranted doors contain defects covered under this warranty, Dragonwood will have the option to repair or replace the door.

For more information on our door warranty and recommendations for care, see below.




1. All Dragonwood doors must be stored away from direct heat and light as discolouration or warpage may occur. Areas where drywall or concrete work is being done is not suitable for storage of unfinished doors. Doors must not be stacked on or close to a concrete floor.


2. Do not remove shrink-wrap until doors are ready to be finished.


3. Doors and jambs should be handled with clean, dry hands. Doors are not ready for immediate finishing and should be inspected thoroughly. A light sanding will be necessary to remove blemishes, mild chatter, handling marks, cross grain sanding lines and any naturally occurring resin spots that may be present on the surface of the door. Use only high-quality sealers, stains and finishes that are for the outdoors and are UV resistant.


4. Doors must be finished on all six sides (top, bottom, both side edges, front and back)


5. It is recommended that extra coats of finish be applied to the end grain on the top and bottom of the doors. All hardware must be removed from the door at time of finishing.


6. Doors must be finished with a sealer coat and one coat of finish for a total of two coats.


7. All Dragonwood doors are guaranteed at the time of shipment to be defect free and serviceable in normal recommended usage.


8. Variations in the natural colour and grain are not considered defects. Pin knots are considered normal in a “clear” grade of material.


9. Shrinkage and expansion occur naturally in wood products. Panels in Dragonwood’s doors are floating to accommodate this natural process. Panels may be tapped lightly to re-align the panels that have moved out of alignment during shipping and handling. Panels may continue to shrink as the doors adjust to their environment after the finishing process and some touch-ups may be necessary on the panel edges.


10. Exterior doors must be finished within 7 days of delivery and interior doors must be finished within 30 days and the finishing instructions above followed or the warranty is void. A dated picture must be provided within the allowed time to ensure a full warranty for the exterior doors.


11. The relative humidity of the house must be maintained throughout the year between 30% & 50% to avoid wood movement issues like cracking and twisting caused by excessive shrinkage. Wood movement issues caused by excessively low or high relative humidity will not be warranted.


12. It is recommended that a bead of silicone sealant suitable for exterior glazing applications be applied around all glass lights after the door has been finished to prevent water infiltration. Doors that are directly exposed to continuous sunlight or other weather elements such as rain, without overhangs or protection, shall not be warranted regarding the effects caused by these elements.




Defects are warping, bowing or twisting, splitting of the stiles, rails or panels. This limited warranty does not apply to any of the following:

  • Interior doors more than 8’ tall or 3’ wide, unless specially constructed to be an extra wide door

  • Natural properties and characteristics of the wood are not considered defects ie: knots, wormholes, colour variations in the wood species. Surface cracks which occur and do not affect the structure or serviceability of the door considered allowable.

  • Doors that are exposed to heating from the sun in certain parts of the day or year may experience this **Note: on all knotty wood doors the location, quantity and size of knots are unpredictable. Knots that show light through the door will be filled. Knots or mineral content that do not show light through the door and are not filled should be expected and are not considered defects

  • For unfinished doors - damage caused by failure to comply with Dragonwood’s Care & Warranty instructions for unfinished interior doors; those doors which have not been sealed and finished properly on all six sides

  • Damage caused by misapplication of doors, i.e.: inadequate overhangs causing exposure to direct sunlight, wind driven rain, water or anything that causes a condition that is inappropriate for a door to exist in, thus causing damage

  • Bow or improper alignment of the frame or jamb in which the door is hung during installation

  • Doors that have a warp of 1/4” or less in the plane of the door


Exterior doors used in a commercial setting will have a limited warranty of 12 months only.


Warping, bowing and twisting of a door is defined as any distortion in the door itself and has no bearing on the relationship between the door jamb or frame in which it is hung. Measuring the amount of warp in a door will be done by placing a 7’ straightedge on the suspected concave face of the door at any angle with the door in its installed position. The measurement of warp will be made at the point of maximum distance between the bottom of the straightedge and the face of the door. If the defect is warp, bow or twist, Dragonwood may defer repairing or replacing the door for a period of up to 12 months from the date of claim or date of installation, in order to allow for conditioning and equalizing to both humidity and temperature conditions. This deferral period does not count against the warranty period. For doors containing glass, glass defects must be claimed within 10 (ten) days of receiving the product. The standard for determining that a scratch, smudge or other blemish warrants replacement is as follows:

  • It can be seen from ten (10) feet distance

  • It occurs within an oval-shaped area comprising 80% of the viewing area of the glass

  • It is visible against normal daylight (not direct sunlight) when viewed perpendicular to the glass

  • The warranty does not cover:

  • Glass breakage, colour of glass, bent glass, triple insulating glass except for seal failure covered by glass manufacturer, decorative art type glass, distortion

  • Dissatisfaction with the performance or appearance of the finish

  • Failures or operating difficulties due to accident, abuse, misuse, alteration, misapplication, faulty building construction or design or improper installation

  • Damage due to exposure to extreme or abusive environments

  • Damage caused by failing to comply with Dragonwood’s finishing instructions for unfinished doors

  • Damage due to unauthorized repairs

  • Failures or operating difficulties resulting from exposure to corrosive fumes or condensates

  • Damage due to stress from movement of the structure in which the doors are installed

  • Damage due to application of films or coatings on the interior of the glass

  • Damage due to use in swimming pools, whirlpool tubs, or other high-humidity areas without adequate ventilation or humidity control

  • Normal wear and tear

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