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Giant Pivot

Product Information

Our tallest modern pivot door boasts a door slab that is 58 inches by 108 inches and 2-1/4 inches thick constructed of 100 percent solid Medieval Walnut. This giant allows enough light into your entryway and with obscured glass doesn’t sacrifice any privacy. This modern design truly commands awe at your entrance. The Giant Pivot door makes a statement that is marveled by all. Even with its awe-inspiring size the door can be opened effortlessly by a young child. It’s the West Coast design on a grand scale.

Door Size: 58 x 107
Rough Opening Required:  63-1/4” w x 111-1/2 “ h  
RO Radius: 
Product Dimensions: 68-1/2” w x 114-1/8” h 
Weight (lbs): 500
Medieval Walnut
Stock: Stock 
Coco Wood
Stock: Special Order 

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